Assault Commander 1.1 update

New version with the following updates is currently in review:
Update: 1.1 released for both versions

Added 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard) for single player maps
Fixed graphics issues after unit moves
Fixed bug on saving multiplayer games
Refined unit properties: Patrol Boat, Heavy Battle Tank, Heavy Air Defense, UAV, Strategic Bomber, Cruiser, Destroyer, Naval Transporter
Updated maps: Mission 01, Mission 05, Mission 06, Mission 07, Mission 08
Refined icon image
Added double resolution icon file for iPhone 4
Share with Friends button
Fixed rank display of transporters
Fixed problem destroying a transporter loaded with units
Fixed a bug allowed moving amp. transporter into another amp. transporter
Terrain attack/defense bonuses modified
Fixed a bug caused artillery and heavy air defense units cannot fire in special cases
Number of buildable cruisers limited to 1 unit per side


  1. Love this game! So glad to hear an update is coming! Keep up the great work!

  2. Wonderfull game, excellent idea!! :)
    Hours and hours playing, but, it´s realy needed an update... i can´t finish the 5th world because a bug... :(
    Cheer up!!