Assault Commander: Advance released

A new edition of Assault Commander with a whole new campaign and a new multiplayer map released today.
for iPhone/iPod touch: http://itunes.apple.com/app/assault-commander-advance/id400275426?mt=8
for iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/app/assault-commander-hd-advance/id400413561?mt=8


  1. I'm liking it... reminds me of the Avalon Hill games of years gone by. I would like to see a few more maps, perhaps some historical type maps with an accurate order of battle, and the "friendlies" should be blue and "hostiles" in red. I would update graphics for the foe with Russian or Chinese type equipment.

    Oh, and as a tank Master Gunner, I would consider changing your "Medium Tank" to "Bradley"... Us former military types get wound around the axle about that kind of stuff.

    I look forward to your future updates. I think you could go far with this thoughtful strategy game. Thanks.

  2. i like it,

    for next one:

    More Color Choices, and maybe diff Military hardware from other countries as sets ,

    option to input fraction names instead of Player vs Computer ,

    Radio Chatter

    thanks , great job, great game

  3. Thanks for your comments. We will try to improve the game in future releases, including more units and/or different playable sides.

  4. Excellent start. Needs more scenarios. Random maps and/or forces.

    Better yet, a ww2 version based on "A Bridge too Far". Sub-scenarios could be holding Arnhem, Nijmegen bridge assault, 30 corps to the rescue.

    Willing to debug. Can aid in coding (see es1 app)

  5. Thanks. A mission pack named Assault Commander: Bravo is coming soon. We are planning to make an updated version of the game platform (Assault Commander 2) later this year. The historical scene of the simulation (ww2 etc.) has not decided yet.