Assault Commander Ultimate background issue

We are investigating background drawing issue on iOS 5.
Update: Version 1.3 has been sent to Apple to address this issue. It will be available on the App Store in 1-5 days. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.
Update 2: New version is now available.
Update 3: Updates of old versions (original, Advance, Bravo, including HD versions) has been sent to Apple.
Update 4: Updates of old versions are available.


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  2. Will there also be a fix coming for background of assault commander hd?

  3. Yes, we are planning to make iOS 5 fixes for old AC versions in the next few days.

  4. Since you are past the original dates for the fixes, is there a new timeframe for when the iOS 5 fixes for either version will be available at the App Store? This game is addictive and I need the fix ASAP!

  5. iOS 5 AC updates will be available next week on the App Store.

  6. Could you release a game with NATO symbols?